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iDigress with Troy Sandidge

Enter the mind of Troy Sandidge aka The Strategy Hacker™. Troy is a strategic mastermind with over 10 years of experience empowering Entrepreneurs, SMBs, Startups, Enterprise Brands, and Forbes 500 to level-up and achieve next-level growth in the global marketplace. As a former vice president of a multimillion-dollar creative agency, his strategy solutions have generated over $100 million for his clients worldwide! ▹▹▹▹▹ On this podcast, Troy focuses on eliminating complexity, complications, and confusion from the business equation to create clarity to streamline strategy solutions that achieve his 5 S Pillars to Strategy being Simple, Scalable, Sustainable, Systematic, and Successful. His strategies focus on nine areas: 1. Marketing 2. Business 3. Growth 4. Social Media 5. Branding 6. Community 7. Diversity 8. Mindset 9. Innovation ▹▹▹▹▹​ Troy provides a culturally diverse and refreshing approach to the list of marketing and business-themed podcasts out there with his high-energy and unique perspective infusing each episode with all his infectious passion and dynamic well-rounded philosophy. All episodes are under 30-minutes to give an optimized listening experience to maximize value and to provide actionable takeaways listeners from all over the world can use to accelerate their business growth and maintain positive momentum! ▹▹▹▹▹​ ​ Follow Troy on all social media platforms @FindTroy (especially Twitter) and if you like what you hear and want to work with Troy directly, go to

Troy Sandidge

Founder & CEO at Strategy Hacker