Ep 41. Create A R.O.W.E. To Victory! How To Approach Your Sales Journey Like Olympians To Win Gold In Business.

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This is a podcast episode titled, Ep 41. Create A R.O.W.E. To Victory! How To Approach Your Sales Journey Like Olympians To Win Gold In Business.. The summary for this episode is: <p>The odds of becoming an Olympian is roughly 1 in 500,000. In other words, there's a better chance of finding 50 four-leaf clovers than competing for your country at the highest level. But hey, the odds are in your favor to go for gold in business. It's time to apply the Olympic mindset approach in your sales and marketing within your business to win!</p><p>This episode will take previous  iDigress episodes regarding how to sell and incorporate lessons and methodologies we can learn from Olympians to make our sales process more efficient, increasing the odds of winning the hearts of new customers.</p><p>Learn how to create a R.O.W.E. and expand the concepts within my D.A.R.T. Marketing Methodology™  for your business and sales process to be successful.</p><p><strong>Beyond The Episode Gems:</strong></p><p>Free tool to give your website a professional audit and improve your organic traffic courtesy of Ahrefs: <a href="ahrefs.com/awt" target="_blank">ahrefs.com/awt</a></p><p>This episode's Strategy Accelerator segment, sponsored by <a href="https://social.agorapulse.com/findtroy" target="_blank">Agorapulse</a>, spotlights <strong>"How Agencies Can Build Amazing Advertising Campaigns For Clients"</strong> from the <a href="https://bit.ly/AgencyAccelerated" target="_blank">Agency Accelerated Podcast with host Stephanie Liu</a> interviewing Allen Kay.</p><p><strong>#####</strong></p><p>• Rate & Review iDigress: <a href="https://ratethispodcast.com/iDigress" target="_blank">RateThisPodcast.com/iDigress</a></p><p>• Get Strategy Solutions & Services: <a href="https://findtroy.com" target="_blank">FindTroy.com</a></p><p>• Follow Troy on <a href="https://twitter.com/intent/follow?&screen_name=findtroy&tw_p=followbutton" target="_blank">Twitter</a>, <a href="https://linkedin.com/in/findtroy" target="_blank">LinkedIn</a>, <a href="https://www.youtube.com/c/findtroy?sub_confirmation=1" target="_blank">YouTube</a>, <a href="https://instagram.com/findtroy" target="_blank">Instagram</a>, & <a href="https://joinclubhouse.com/@findtroy" target="_blank">Clubhouse</a> @FindTroy </p>

Troy Sandidge: As a business owner, agency, consultant, leader in tech, SaaS or corporate environment, you know that closing a sale is crucial to your growth and success. Like all of us, we're wondering what more can we do to raise our close rate, increase our revenue and make the process more sustainable for longterm results. There is an art and science to selling and if you work in sales, are a business that needs more sales, need to learn how to sell better, faster, stronger, then check out The Salesman Podcast hosted by Will Barron, brought to you by the HubSpot Podcast Network. Will helps sales professionals and business leaders learn how to find buyers and win business in a more modern, effective and ethical way. If you like my delivery of making marketing strategies simple, then you will absolutely love Will's podcast, where he makes sales and revenue generation simple. We're talking about mastering the art of cold calling, the ultimate guide to closing the deal, inaudible and secure low B2B sales, how to sell to C- suite executives. Listen to The Salesman Podcast wherever you get your podcasts, brought to you by the HubSpot Podcast Network. Success is your obligation. You are going to have to take ownership of what is required to get there. And, not just the rewards and the clout that comes with it. Everybody wants something. Power, money, respect, accolades, peace, recognition. I challenge you to move forward. Are you willing to take this pledge to never belittle yourself, be honest with your situation, embrace your superpowers, fight on when things get hard and believe in yourself. Pass the baton. We are all running a race. But, everyone thinks it's only a single person race. Pass the baton. It is not a single person race. I've said it before and I'll say it again, and I'll keep saying it until you get it. There's enough room for all of us in the sky to fly, therefore instead of trying to fly higher and higher on your own, how about we all fly higher together, as a unit, as a community and drive the revenue, the sales, the quality of life, the quality of success, the performance of our businesses that we want through collaboration, through communication versus being an island to ourselves.

Speaker 2: What's up, digital world? You're listening to the iDigress Audio Experience with Troy Sandidge. Social media, marketing, storytelling, business, culture and more, coming to you in three, two, one.

Troy Sandidge: Both compel and impel contain the idea of using physical or other force to cause something to be done. Compel means to constrain someone in some way, to yield or do what one wishes. Fate compels us to face danger and trouble. Impel means to provide a strong force, motive or incentive toward a certain end. Now, let's run it back. Compel means to constrain someone and someone to yield or do what one wishes. Now, let's paint the picture. Let's talk about yourself. And, you're in a conversation, maybe in person, maybe over Zoom, maybe on a phone call, where you and your ideal audience is at the phase where, " Hey, I'm presenting an offer, I'm justifying my price, I'm explaining the possibilities of how we can work together to create that vision." Maybe you're applying clover in this situation. But, in this situation, you're trying to compel. Again, you're trying to force someone to see the value and the offer that you're bringing, in the hopes that they're going to exchange as you compel them to sign that contract, in the exchange of the value that you're going to deliver upon money being rendered and sent. Now sometimes, we struggle with compelling people because we don't like to force people to do anything. Now, there's a soft compel and there is a more hard compel. And, the same way of a soft sell and more of a hard sell. If we go back to the DARK marketing methodology where I break down direct, authentic, resourceful and tactical, you can say in some regard, if you're being more compelling from a hard spectrum, you're probably being way more direct and maybe less soft spoken. You're trying to lean in on that authority more, so you're leaning on the D and A of the DARK marketing methodology a little bit more, in the hopes that that force is translated into authority and not being insensitive or showing lack of consideration for the person who's considering you as a service provider, as a product, whatever it is that you offer to them. Now, if you're doing a soft compel, you're probably leaning more toward the latter half of the DARK marketing methodology, requiring to be more resourceful and more tactical in your mannerisms, in your delivery and what you references, examples. It may feel like a longer sales cycle, a longer conversation, or maybe even a series of conversations. Now, the DARK marketing methodology is not a be- all thing. You apply it in a way that makes sense. You need all four to have a sustainable business. And, depending on who you're talking to, who you're engaging with, the timeliness, where they are in the sales cycle, how much of a need or demand they have for the product, for the service, for your offering all predicates and dictates how you flow through the DARK marketing methodology. Sometimes, when you're compelling, it can take the air out of the room and you feel like you're losing that magic sauce because you're not used to compelling someone. The mindset, the thought process is we need to have more of a conversation and less of just you squeezing the life out the room, squeezing that lemon until it crushes. We don't want that. We do want to show our authority, we do want to be direct because that translates to being authentic, honest and open, open palm. Not closed fist, because that doesn't show that you're trustworthy. Open palm. So you do want to have that level of directness and want to articulate yourself in a certain way, through examples, through conversations, through presentation and positioning of having that authority. While simultaneously, being resourceful and tactical, which may require you to be more impelling. Again, when you are impelling, you are providing a strong force. Again, keyword, providing a strong force, a motive or incentive toward a certain end. That certain end is always the result, it's always that end of the offering, " What am I going to get in return for the money I pay you for? What am I getting in return?" It's all about them. I've said this in a lot of other conversations, I've said this on various podcasts. Episode 26. Episode 32, when we think about the content. Episode 33, when we think about are you a pain reliever or are you a pleasure provider. There's so many things that really, it's just a series upon a series of layers that we're building off of, in the hopes that we're better at selling. And again, if you think back to episode 26, when I'm talking about disqualifying to sell, there's such a key thing there. Disqualify aggressively. When often, you disqualify their nos, disqualify their what ifs in the conversation. So compelling someone isn't always the case, you have to maybe sometimes combine compelling or impelling. But again, it's all predicated on who you're talking to, where they are in the buying process, how, why, all of it. Who, what, when, where and why. And sometimes, that could be very hard. Let's think about it this way. We want to create a ROWE, R- O- W- E, a results only win environment. When you feel you're having a conversation where it's equal and it's a win- win, it's balanced, we're going to be okay. No matter what you throw at me or I throw at you, we're going to maintain equilibrium. We want to create that ROWE environment. And at some point, we're going to compel and in other points, we're going to impel. And, we're going to have this two- way conversation where I'm hearing, and based off their tone, based off how they articulate themselves will determine how we're going to have the conversation. We're going to eliminate all the friction, eliminate all the complexity so clarity can form. And in many cases, you hear a lot of sales experts saying it's all about the process, it's all about the presentation. But, you know what? I'll be honest. As much as I put all this effort and energy on this mic, for you all, the listeners, for my iDigress community, for those who follow me on Twitter, or LinkedIn or on the Gram, I appreciate you, I thank you. My supporters, those who leave me a review, shameless plug, I appreciate every single one of you, every single one of you who listens to every episode I put out on this mic. I am really great at telling a story, I am really great at the big picture, the vision. But often times, I have so many ideas that sometimes, I can be cluttered in the clarity I'm hoping I create, but the perception of what I'm saying isn't compelling someone to say yes to the offering that I'm providing so that means I personally need to be better at selling. I've said this before. We need to eliminate the notion that selling is such a negative thing. All selling is, at its core, is presenting the findings, having a conversation, providing examples to validate and hopefully inspire, motivate someone to say yes, get them to sign, and then deliver. Because in my mind, selling doesn't fulfill itself until you deliver and now it's complete. It's not over when they sign, it's over when they get the deliverable they want. You want to know why? Because in order to sell again, I have to have that experience that someone got what I said they were going to get. That magnifies my ability, validates what I can do, and now when I present it again to sell to someone else, it's going to be a lot easier. The more wins I can get, again that ROWE, that results only winning environment, the better off it's going to be. Because the more I have examples, I library of other people not me, from diverse backgrounds, diverse situations, saying the same process, the same system, the same strategy or the strategy provider being myself, delivered these results, higher authority, higher revenue, increase in presence in social media, impact, the better off the process is going to be. So when we think about selling, it's not just enough to disqualifying effectively, it's also about improving on yourself, improving on your sales team and your marketing team, and your branding team. All of them are inclusive in the overall selling process in hopes of attracting the right people to qualify accordingly, eliminating the complexity, to only get them to say yes. Not that they were tricked into saying yes, they were convinced through adequate results, adequate examples, adequate storytelling, adequate messaging, adequate branding and positioning, being on top of mind through different nurturing leads and funnel systems. That, when we got to the final decision, we've created this ROWE environment from the jump and now that we're here, it's much easier. The other thing I want to bring up, I want to win. I want to have a winning environment, I want to have a winning company. I want to have a sustainable and successful business. So that means I can't just win once, I have to win often. And sometimes, when people hear the word winning, and selling and business, they think, " Do whatever it takes to win." I don't believe in that, specifically, because you want to have a certain level of morals and ethics, and how you are coming about selling, and winning your business, and maintaining your business, and all of those things. I think of winning to that of an Olympic mindset. When it comes to business, when it comes to creating a sustainable, scalable business, you have to have an Olympic mindset. Now, words that come to mind when I'm thinking of an Olympic mindset is passion, purpose, position, practice, power and performance. Those with an Olympic mindset, they make a commitment to develop skills frequently and often. Repetition, to an insane level where few people have the discipline or the poise to continue to do this for X amount of time to get to that Olympic Games. But, not even to get to the games, you go through trials, and trials and trials and honestly, those trials could be likened to conversations that you've had in the past where maybe you've failed. Maybe you didn't close the deal. Maybe you got so close, but they didn't say yes. Maybe they reneged on the contract. All those ails, all those failures, but through that failure, we got better. We saw the holes and what we need to improve on, through our entire process or in our delivery, in our articulation of thought, how we create the vision, what we present and provide as value to those who we're trying to talk to. An Olympian is someone who is at a world level. World level, that's the highest level you can think of. You are the best of the best, of the best of the best of the best at what you do. Hours upon hours, upon hours, upon months, upon years of being cultivated, and trained and built on being good at a certain thing, through the highest stress levels, the highest moments where your country needs you the most to deliver. And, the same way with your business. What are you the Olympian at? There's that one thing that you're Olympian level at. Maybe you own a business and it's we have a whole team. Think about each individual team member. What are they specifically that Olympian level at? And, are you creating an environment, a results only winning environment, that is going to channel their Olympian-ness to the highest possible level to maximize their skillsets to hopefully create the business that you want to create, the life that you want. Not just for yourself, but to your entire team, but also for your community, your customers, your buyers, your advocates, your elevators as well. Let's take a minute to talk about time. It's the holidays y'all and another year is under the belt. Maybe you're looking to spend time, maybe you're looking to save time, and maybe you're looking to time travel to summer of next year because it's already too dang cold outside. Either way, in business, your customers are looking for the same thing, time. Your time, to be specific because time equals attention, and attention means feeling understood. HubSpot wants to help you be efficient with your time, while helping your customers feel understood. In fact, HubSpot has rolled out a ton of new customer centric tools that help your business show your customers a whole lot of love, every step of the way. New payment tools, like native payment links and recurring payment that directly embed in HubSpot's quoting tools and emails mean seamless delivery and payment collection. And now, with the CRM powered CMS, your marketers and developers can personalize the customer experience and ensure that the attention your customers give you is reflected back at them in data that is timely and relevant. Okay, minute's up. Learn more about a HubSpot CRM platform can help you build, maintain and grow your customer relationships this holiday season and beyond at hubspot. com. It takes 10,000 hours to master your skill. You have to train when you don't want to. They call it strange hours commitment. You have to sacrifice to maintain the commitment to develop your skill. Synchronization of mind, body, soul and spirit. " Now, Troy, I don't have to be that good at what I do." No, no, no, no. Mind, body, soul and spirit. You know in your spirit this is what you're meant to do. That is unequivocal, highest level of passion possible. And then, you sync that with your mind and your body. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in alignment to provide the highest level of quality, of service, product, whatever your offer is to your customer, to your client and that shows and radiates through the entire selling process to potential customers and clients. They're going to know, as the TikTok trend thing, they're not going to know. They're going to know.

Speaker 4: There are often times, where I'm very much into gear, especially camera gear. I find that most ad campaigns around it are all about the tech, and the specs and all the different things. And, I told you I have a six year old. I'm like, " I just need something where I could run and shoot, and it's stabilized." That's all that I need. So when I see ad campaigns that make it easy for me to communicate, to persuade to my husband, " We need this," that makes it easier for me to share. And to me, I think that's a powerful ad campaign too, where it's a product, or it's a service or it's something that I know how to use it in my life.

Troy Sandidge: You heard what she said. " I just need something that I can shoot, that's small, that's simple, that's stabilized, that's fits my life. I just need something that fits my life." In many cases, when you think at it's core, whether you're compelling or impelling someone to take action through advertising, through your lead gen funnel, through your marketing, through your website, through social media, you have to use words that make sense. And again, if you think about my Leads Generated Blueprint, there was a key part within the blueprint that says, " Leverage language to launch." The descriptive words that you choose to articulate the why, which has to be about them and not about you. Your words have to match their lifestyle, from their vantage point, not your vantage point. And, when they hear what you have to say right away it's, " Eureka. You get me. You understand exactly where I am and where I would like to go." The way to consistent, sustainable, scalable sailing translating to success comes down to the simplicity of using the right words at the right time, to earn that trust, to get them to buy and say yes. But, not just to say yes, to consistently and unequivocally believe in the success, live in the success, achieve the success, and then therefore, translate and tell the world the success they've achieved because the wording that you chose to use was simple. They understood it. Leverage language to launch in your advertising.

Allen Kay: I call it penetrate the outside, because everybody has armor against advertising. " Oh, it's an ad, it's an ad, it's an ad." I like non- ad ads. Actually, if you see something that doesn't come off like an ad but sells the product in a nice tasteful, intelligent way, to me that's the kind of advertising that I like to do and I respect.

Troy Sandidge: Again, the Strategy Accelerators is spotlighting the episode, how agencies can build amazing advertising campaigns for clients. Hosted by Stephanie Lu, who interviewed Allen Kay, who is an industry leader who has built some of the most successful advertising campaigns. Over the last 25 years, we're talking about Xerox award- winning Monks campaign, the New York MTA's If You See Something, Say Something campaign. And, he shares the insights on how you can bring your best work forward while building trust with your clients along the way. If you want to learn more about that episode, search Agency Accelerator Agora Pulse wherever you get your podcasts, or Agency Accelerator Agora Pulse on YouTube, to see the live video version of the podcast. I'm going to be honest, this podcast episode was a little rough for me. It was a little out of place, like I lost my swagger. Just a little bit, just a little bit. If you're trying to find your swagger, go to episode 35. Maybe I should go back and listen to it myself. And when I think about an Olympic athlete, most times to get on people's radar, you've got to be seen. As we're crossing over from 2021 and into 2022, people are still lacking in the SEO department because they don't know how to plot SEO effectively across their website in the hopes of attracting the right people to say yes, to start the process of the sales conversations. This is where our friends at Ahrefs comes in handy. Discover optimization opportunities for your website. You'll see which keywords your pages are ranking for, you'll understand how Google sees your content. Visit Ahrefs, A- H- R- E- F- S. com/ awt. Sign up for the free tool, connect it to your website and you're all set. But, I shared this moment of vulnerability to articulate that, just because you're listening to me, that doesn't mean I don't understand how you're feeling. It doesn't mean I'm not afraid. It doesn't mean that I don't have doubts, it doesn't mean I don't have wants. It doesn't mean I don't have challenges or obstacles in my own business. I'm trying to make money, too. I'm trying to position myself, brand myself, make smarter marketing decisions, make smarter business decisions, get to my goals in 2022. But, I'm also trying to finish this year off strong. And sometimes, when you are trying to convince people to see the value in what you offer, you can feel so small and disheartened when those nos stack up, when those ails stack up. And when I think back, to when I talked about that Olympic mindset, when your passion fails you, that's where discipline comes into play. When your body is done, mentally, emotionally, you have checked out, all those reps and preparation will carry you beyond where you feel you can go mentally and emotionally. I will never forget, I had just finished a podcast episode, I had to jump on a sales call. And, I come on this potential call. In the first five minutes, the swagger disappeared. Where did my swagger go? What happened? I'm trying to build a results only winning environment in this moment, and I feel like instantaneously, there is no chance of me winning. " Well, Troy, how did you get to that place? Why did that happen?" They led with some pretty hard questions and it was positioned in a way to suggest, " I don't really think what you offer is worth what I have to pay to get it." And, they brought in their reasons why my offer, my strategy advisory may not be right for them and that was at the very beginning of the conversation. Now, that could have been a power play. Sure. That could have been a challenge to see what I would say and if I'm really passionate about it. That wasn't about passion, that was about preparation. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Olympic mindset, proper preparation prevents poor performance. In crunch time, when you're needed most, and that moment I needed myself most to rise above everything, to defend my honor... No, I'm just playing. To defend the integrity of my offer and eliminate any complexities, doubts or fears that I am capable of, in the hope to then reconsider why my offer is this price, what the results we're going to get from this thing and hopefully, we sign a deal and move on. Now, I'm going to fast track to the end of the conversation and they did not become a client of mine. It's no shade at all, I understand it. You have to understand that what you offer isn't for everybody. And sometimes, an L is an L. It has nothing to do with, " If I would have done this better." Sometimes, it's just not meant for you because they don't see the value in it, the conversation was a dud and you have to have short term memory and keep it moving. If you think of people who are runners and they track their times constantly, " I was off by a millisecond than my last one." Oh, that's an L. Short term memory, go get it back the next time. You miss a shot, " I'm going to get it back." Here's the thing I had to think about, from that moment. If they don't want to, they will find a reason not to. I'm going to say that again. If they don't want to, they will find a reason not to. As someone who has held over 15 titles, I worked with over 80 companies, and I've said this before and I'll say it again, I've driven over 150 million in revenue. And you may think, " Well, Troy, you should be making cha- ching, cha-ching, cha- ching. That should be your email account. Troy, you're doing great on this podcast, you'd be at cha- ching, cha- ching all day long." And I'll be honest, all that stuff may not be for everybody in their decision making process of choosing you over somebody else. People will choose what's best for them based of their perception. Not your perception, their perception. Go back to episode 37, I'll talk about how to build trust currency, a masterclass on increasing brand authority. Perception is key to a lot of those things. And, even if you go back to episode 35 and talk about the swagger, how you present and position yourself is key. But also, understanding that even through that, there's some biases that their perception of whatever it is that you're saying, no matter how educated, how matter how detailed and tailor made to their specific ideal customer profile or person, they still have to interpret it to their liking and decide to buy. You could do everything through the sales call, through the sales process and still not get it. How many teams did everything right and didn't win a championship? It hurt, for that off season. It hurt. But, what did they do? They tried again the next season. And the same way you have to try again, have that short term memory, that Olympic mindset. " I'm going to get mine. I have to trust my preparation and know that this is a small setback. And, that they're not the only one." We must understand that a no, though it can be and can feel personal, is still just a no. Maybe a very untimely no, but a no nonetheless. You know how sometimes people take a no or get a no, they immediately respond with, " Your loss. Your loss!" But, that's their way to immediately reset, " We're going to keep it moving." I'm not here to win a battle, I'm here to win the war. Therefore, that means I have to win a series of battles, to therefore claim the victory within the war. But if I lose a battle, that doesn't mean I lose the war. Recap. Leaving language to launch, that's from the Leads Generated Blueprint. Be direct, authentic, resourceful and tactical. That is from the DARK marketing methodology. All of that, in its totality, of the language that you choose, and the timeliness and articulation, and the positioning of the conversation, creating that results only winning environment, gives you a higher chance of success. It doesn't guarantee you success, but it gives you a higher chance for success, to close the deal, to hear that cha- ching, to get that sale. Listen up and listen to me good. All of this is meant to help you increase the odds, may the odds ever be in your favor, to close those deals, to give you more sales, to create a better sales system that's going to make you a more sustainable and scalable business. With that proper infrastructure in place through all these processes, and methodologies, and frameworks, and mindsets and applications, to drive revenue in ways you've never achieved before in a more consistent manner. But, it all comes down to consistently evolving and modifying, accepting change and making changes accordingly, to keep that results only winning environment. Tack y'all, we are rowing. We are rowing. Keep rowing. Be open minded to change, embrace change and know that you cannot grow without change. How much have you changed in the last two years? How much has the world changed in the last two years? So therefore, how much has your industry, your business and your customers or your clients, your potential customers, those potential clients have changed? Some of y'all are still holding on to sales and marketing and branding tactics, 2019. They don't work no more. Let it go. Let it go, let it go. Let it go. Let it go. I was watching Frozen, I haven't watched it in a long time. I told my wife I was going to plug Frozen in, I just did that. I hope she is listening and enjoyed that moment. We have to meet the customer where they are. We have to stay on top of their mind. We have to create the right perception through their vantage point, to convert and get the sale. And not only get it once, but get it again, to earn their trust so they can be a buyer and advocate, an elevator, so we can win and create that results only winning environment. Not just within our own business, through our own website and infrastructure, but it expands through our social universe, it expands throughout our community. In the hopes that, over time, it gets easier. And though the percentage of acquisition, of conversions, of sales may be the same or even low, because of the value, that's going to increase and boost our growth and our success, in ways that we couldn't imagine when we learned how to create a ROWE environment within our community, when we learn how to compel and impel effectively and efficiently, applying DART, Leads and clover efficiently and effectively, leverage language in ways that we know we need to do to simplify everything. At it's core, language is simple and we have to find the right mechanisms to tones for success to happen. Thanks for listening.

Speaker 6: And, that's a wrap. We hope you enjoyed this episode of iDigress. What was your takeaway? Care to share your thoughts and tag Troy on social media? You can find him on all platforms at @ findtroy. Don't forget to like, subscribe and leave a review or a comment for this episode, from wherever you're listening. Looking for a marketing strategist to build the structure, strategies and systems you need to get the success you want and the ROI you desire in your business? Book a discovery call to talk with Troy at findtroy. com. And as Troy's philosophy goes, " Imagination is the engine, content is the fuel, social media is the highway, marketing is the roadmap, sales is the destination, culture is the GPS." Thanks for listening.


The odds of becoming an Olympian is roughly 1 in 500,000. In other words, there's a better chance of finding 50 four-leaf clovers than competing for your country at the highest level. But hey, the odds are in your favor to go for gold in business. It's time to apply the Olympic mindset approach in your sales and marketing within your business to win!

This episode will take previous  iDigress episodes regarding how to sell and incorporate lessons and methodologies we can learn from Olympians to make our sales process more efficient, increasing the odds of winning the hearts of new customers.

Learn how to create a R.O.W.E. and expand the concepts within my D.A.R.T. Marketing Methodology™  for your business and sales process to be successful.